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Has anyone ever pissed in your mouth? | Hip Forums

Yes. Like many who have drank piss, I drink my own but prefer drinking other guys' piss. I have been drinking piss so long I have acquired a taste for any kind of piss (weak recycled beer piss; heavier coffee piss; dark bitter morning piss ---- its all delicious!!!!!!!!! DaveTheBiGuy, averageguy6, badrabbit and 2 others like this.

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drink urine – Fags Worship Alphas

While urine is not sterile (it contains bacteria gathered in the urethra), it is largely considered safe to drink. There is a fair amount of salt in urine (which helps give it that taste), so it isn’t safe to drink in massive quantities, but drinking a Man’s urine stream is perfectly fine as long as he’s in relatively good health.

Drinking Master’s Piss – Fags Worship Alphas

The faggot need to have a Man’s piss sprayed on them or poured down their throat is possibly one of the oddest aspects of the Alpha/fag dynamic. It is also one of the most fundamental. What makes a faggot crave his Master’s piss? It is, after all, just a waste product made mostly of water.

YellowH2O Forums - YellowH2O

A watersports community dedicated to gay guys into everything wet! ... Why we drink piss? Quench your thirst. 20: 1745: September 2, 2021 Mixed drinks and mousse.

Bloke 'caught DRINKING strangers' pee after planting cups in ...

A Dutch reveller got a wee bit carried away at a festival in Amsterdam as shocked onlookers filmed him knocking back pints of pee after leaving cups in urinals. The topless party-goer, wearing a ...

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A boy and his Dad: He goes to the bathroom for a piss ...

His piss starts going all over you and as you open up your mouth to drink his piss, he inserted his big gigantic dick inside you, his son's, mouth. His piss tastes so good! Dad states that after you got done drinking his piss and sucking his dick you could smell his buff, foul ass where he had a taste of shit awaiting for his son to taste.

Male students drink from othes' penis in grotesque ritual ...

An annual 'Lad's Weekend' for new and old students of University of Newcastle's Evatt House was said to involve male college-goers drinking from each others' penises. 'We treat you like sh*t and ...