Bizarre Sphere and Spoon Levitate Over The Surface of Mars

An incredible apparition has been spotted over the surface of Mars. The apparition looks like a circular object that levitates over the rocky surface of Mars.

However, many experts believe that this is just another anomaly produced by the lens.

As you can see, it looks like a kind of manufactured object created by some advanced and intelligent creatures who want to send some kind of message.

There are many who believe that the object has been sent by an alien race throughout the universe in order to look for evidence about other living races.

It this turns out to be true, then this would be NASA’s Holy Grail, and they will do their best to not let this go viral.

It seems like this object cannot be anything besides a kind of radar looking for signs of life in the universe. The design of the object has been deliberately made like this so that the object cannot be misinterpreted as something different from what it is



Recently another bizarre object was spotted levitating on planet Mars: a spoon.

Bizarre Sphere and Spoon Levitate Over The Surface of Mars 1

There are many theories related to the nature of this object, but the most accepted one is the one pointing to the alien origin.



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