The full name of COCOMO model is constructive cost model, it was proposed by Bohem in 1985.It is a cost estimation model. It is used to evaluate the cost of a software package.In this model the effort equation is used to estimate the need for a person-month number to develop a project.

Three stages are used to estimate the cost according to BOHEM :-


( 1 ) Basic cocomo model
( 2 ) Intermediate cocomo model
( 3 ) Complete cocomo model

Basic cocomo model

This model is static and single valued which computes software development effort and cost like the program size of the function and the program size is expressed in the approximate Lines of Code (LOC).

Generally this model is used in small and medium sized software projects.

In this model the following formula is used to estimate the cost: –

Effort = a1 * (KLOC)a 2 PM

Tdev = b1 * (Effort)b 2 Months

* KLOC = Estimated size of software
* a1, a2, b1, b2 = Constant for each category of software
* Tdev = Estimated time to develop a software
* Effort = Total effort to develop a software
* PM = person-month

Intermediate cocomo model

This model is an extension of basic COCOMO.

The intermediate COCOMO computes software development Effort as a function of program size and a group of cost drivers. Cost drivers determine the time and effort involved in the project.

This model gives better results than the basic model because it uses cost drivers.

Complete cocomo model

This model is an extension of intermediate cocomo.

This model differs from the intermediate model because it uses effort multipliers for each phase of the project.

The cost of each subsystem in complete cocomo is estimated separately. This method causes very few errors.

The drawback of basic and intermediate COCOMO is that it considers software projects as a single homogeneous entity. Complete cocomo removes this deficiency.

complete COCOMO uses very complex procedures to calculate estimation.

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